Have you ever wondered what the entire gaming community thinks about a game?

Without the right tools, it is very difficult to collect and analyze community feedback for video games. We are solving this issue with the help of different data sources and the power of our generative AI. Our goal is to show the community feedback in a neutral and informative way by analysing huge amounts of data, no matter whether its a comment from a frustrated buyer, a fanboy, review bombing or hate speech - we convey the mood of an entire gaming community in a neutral and meaningful way.

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Generative AI

With the help of our AI, we analyze video game data and community feedback accross all languages to be able to show at a glance what the entire community thinks about the game and what improvments could be done.

Data sources

Currently our main datasource is steam and user reviews but we plan to add a lot more in the future.


Our analyses result in 2 kinds of ratings. The community rating indicates how much a video game is loved by the community, the toxicity rating however indicates how unhealthy a community is.


With in-deepth analyses are able to show what a community loves, dislikes or wishes for a game. Just check it out :)

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Ohh boy, it's still a Beta!

We are working hard to increase the amount of data sources and data accuracy provided by our generative AI. We will support much more games and provide even better statistics soon.

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Path of Exile

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Counter-Strike 2

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Baldur's Gate 3

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Dota 2

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Manor Lords

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Vampire Survivors

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RollerCoaster Tycoon World

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Diablo® IV

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